Blue Economy Experts - Specialized knowledge in offshore renewables

specialized knowledge in offshore renewables

* Blue Economy Experts is part of MOCEAN Offshore.

We are Blue Economy Experts, marine engineers with a mission. Since 2013, we seek to accelerate the developments of renewable energy CO2 reduction. More than 200 challenging projects have resulted in a team that has seen it all. Through extensive experiences we acquired unique knowledge about renewable energy projects.*

How can we help?

  1. Consultancy
  2. Engineering
  3. Operational Support

1. Consultancy

Our team provides strategic advice for companies who act, or who’d like to act, in offshore renewable energies. Such as floating wind & solar, tidal, hydrogen, CO2 capture or seaweed farming.

We help for instance investors and start-ups in their journey offshore. Ensuring they have a clear image of what they are embarking in, and avoiding risks where possible. Expect a straightforward, scientifically supported, yet pragmatic advice on feasibility, safety and technical risk prevention.

2. Engineering

Our key competences include offshore T&I operations, moorings, array and export cables, CleanTech, floaters design, pipelines, SURF, heavy lift and the development of installation tools or decommissioning. Their common divider is hydrodynamics, our core technical competence.

3. Operational support

Applying advanced technical solutions is vital for safe and efficient offshore operations. At Blue Economy Experts we improve offshore operations by applying technical knowledge into operational practice. Mocean supports with academic project engineers with hands-on experience, the latest decision support tools and pragmatic approach.

Why Blue Economy Experts?


360 degrees approach

Our holistic perspective is imperative for visualizing the project into the bigger picture. With our multi-disciplinary approach we address subtle connections and interests of all stakeholders in order to make our clients more knowledgeable and aware at an early stage.



Our methods are verified and validated to the most stringent yardsticks in the industry.


Independent advise

We are a fully independent engineering and consultancy company. Our consultancy and engineering advise is focused on risk quantification, risk mitigation and yield optimizations.


Excellent engineering team

Our engineering team consists of ambitious academic engineers and experienced offshore experts who like to be challenged. Out of the box, into the ocean we like to say.


Pragmatic offshore understanding

By combining practical offshore know-how with experience in engineering, we are able to support our clients with pragmatic, cost-efficient engineering solutions that mitigate risk and optimize performance in every step of a project life cycle. Being able to balance our methods with your urgency defines the quality of our services.

specialized knowledge in offshore renewables
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